by Bibliothek

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released January 10, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Kellen Biondi



all rights reserved


Bibliothek Portland, Oregon

From Portland, Oregon.

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Track Name: Rorschach
I'm not here but I'm not totally gone
My body's in the room but my head already moved on
I can't stick around just to hear what I did wrong

I'm sorry that I never really tried hard
I know I never really did my part
Did I quit? No, I never really did quite start
It isn't like the world's gonna end if I leave today
I got nothing left to say
I didn't want to be here anyway

I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna say a lot
It's all right there if you'd read it in the rorschach
It's gotta feel right this definitely did not

Logged out. I've been living logged out.
Track Name: Here
I'll be right here

Come on and say what you mean for once

I'm coming out of my orbit
Maybe I'm coming out of it now

Choose love and let it do what it does
Track Name: Boxxes (Under Control)
Under control
I prefer human contact
digitized, turn-based
civilized, en-glass-cased
Under control

She was on a boat with the cool kids
I was on the shore
Waiting my turn
With the creeps and the misfits
Feeling insecure
That's when I learned
To keep it under control

I get these hopeful feelings
gathering, but I send them
scattering, to defend them
Under control

I used have a fire but it's out now
I used to be in love
I used to have
Better friends but I locked out
All of the above
It's better this way because
I keep it under control

I just want to be myself again
I just want to be free
Track Name: White Ghost
Lights out/Heartbeat/Like an ancient drum
Eyes closed/White Ghost/Have you forgotten me

When you come will you come like a thief in the night
When you come will you come in daylight
When you come will you come with a message of love
Will you come like a light from above
When you come will you come when I need you most
When you come will you keep your secrets close
Are you already here, white ghost

Sunrise/Outside/You never answered me
Don't speak/Heartbeat/It's only echoing